2 Inch SOLO® Sandwich Labelling Kit



Designed for the fast moving industry of the sandwich labelling industry the SOLO® 2 Inch Sandwich Labelling Kit can print labels quickly and efficiently at the touch of a button. Available with either the SOLO® T225 (200dpi) or SOLO® T323 (300dpi) resolution printer models, the 2 Inch Labelling Kit is compact, reliable, cost effective and simple to operate.  Advanced features of these printers allow you to customise your labels by over printing variable information such as barcodes, price, ingredients and product names quickly and efficiently.

The 2 Inch Sandwich Labelling Kit can also be used as a standalone package using the attachable SOLO® Keypad that allows for flexibility. The SOLO® Keypad allows for data entry and editing in any working environment without the use of a PC or Computer.

The 2 Inch Sandwich Labelling Kit includes :

  • SOLO® T225 or SOLO® T323 Desktop Label Printer
  • 1 roll of premium quality self adhesive labels
  • 1 Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • 4GB Micro SD Card
  • LabelDirect® for SOLO® Professional Label Design Software