Sato® CL4NX Label Printer


With the CL4NX Series label printer your problems are solved! Only the CL4NX will address the typical thermal printer issues you experience today by its many user friendly features and rugged design. Built with integrity, designed with the operator in mind, the CL4NX surpasses the standard of today’s printing technology. The clear and crisp image from a new 3.5” Colour LCD screen provides high quality operating and real-time messages. Videos displayed on the large screen guide the operator through label loading and other functions and a new menu design utilises an icon system as used in many popular consumer devices making navigation through printer settings, applications and system information easier than ever.

The tough, aluminium chassis of the CL4NX houses dual CPU architecture, offering ground-breaking processing speed and resulting in the fastest first label out regardless of data format or print resolution.

The Sato® CL4NX is the first truly universal Industrial Label Printer engineered for the most demanding printing applications.